Soulman Sam

I took these pictures of Soulman Sam Evans. I first meet him and his wife in Austin at the Skylark.

Sam (Soulman Sam) Evans – Born in Memphis, Tennessee – March 14, 1948, is one of the most talented and beloved blues, soul and R&B artists in Austin, Texas.

Soul Man Sam Evans started his R&B/Blues Career in Memphis, Tenn. When Sam was younger growing up in Memphis, he use to live with one of the old, old blues singers for about 7 or 8 months, She recorded in the 1920s, Her name was Ma Rainey.

He has performed all over the US. Sam and his wife have lived in Alaska where they met, and Santa Fe then moving to Austin in 2011 while she was transfer as a nurse.

Soul Man has opened up for many great artists as Gladys Knight, James Brown, Ike Turner, Koko Taylor, Jim Belushi

He leads his own band, Soul Man Sam & the SMS Band, and he has also performed with an impressive selection of local bands and musicians, including Blues Boy Hubbard, The Eastside Kings, the Austin Blues All-Stars, Birdlegg, Jimmie Vaughan, Mike Flanigin, Brian Scartocci, and Gary Clark Jr.

Soulman Sam appears regularly at the Skylark Lounge, Antone’s, Continental Club & C-Boys.

He also does private, corporate and wedding events.

His booking schedule is open so book soon)

2018 Austin Blues Society Award Nominee – Best Artist

2018 Austin Blues Society Award Winner – Best Band

When Soulman Sam sings he sings from his heart and you can feel it. That’s why I enjoy talking so many pictures of him because I want to try and capture that energy through my lens.

When I Soulman first moved to Austin he alway heard people talking about 6th Street so then he would go there to see

Birdlegg sometimes after I met him on a Wednesday, and on Mondays to see Michael Milligan.

These rules are like the Texas weather

April 22, 2020 – Austin Today started off a hot foggy and muggy day with thunderstorms rolling in. By the end of the day this is what we have. The Texas weather changes as fast as the rules for the do’s and the don’t on this coronavirus. (These numbers just don’t add up) I’m praying for the sick and their families and what they have gone through. For the families not being able to say their goodbyes or not being able to attend their loved ones funeral. Yes the coronavirus is bad but I also believe that the Media plays a roll in this by day after day only talking about how many have died and not reporting the ones like a man in his 90’s that survived that lives in Houston – We need more positive stuff like this. The Media makes it sound like the whole world is going to come to an end. Government made decisions based on false numbers (These numbers just don’t add up) Let’s get back to work before people start dying of starvation, depression, suicide & murder. Use logic in this equation. Saw a cute quote about different states and different rules. It’s like having a peeing section in our community swimming pool. Let’s all work together for one cause “Our Country” #texas #usa #sunset #sunsetview #hillcountry #texaslife #texascoronavirus #cometogether #wethepeople #mycountry #texasproud🇨🇱

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