Amazing Renowned custom bass builder – Duane Greene

Bass One “Incredible One” Stage two Custom 5 string bass was designed by renowned builder Duane Greene in Austin, TX.

Duane has designed custom basses for players for Prince, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and many more. His basses range from four to 8 strings. He has been building basses since 1985 after a hand injury left him unable to play conventional basses. This ergonomic bass is the only bass approved by a renowned hand surgeon to greatly reduce hand fatigue for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Duane also designed the well known ergonomic bass strap sold by Levy’s.

This bass is the epitome of comfort, style, features, and options galore.

Epitomizing the highest standards quality craftsmanship and precision electric bass construction, for over 30 years Bass One Basses has been instrumental in developing handcrafted electric basses that surpass the limits of the conventional instrument. The Basses are lightweight, well balanced, and extremely comfortable, being developed to work with the human body’s natural design. Bass One Basses incorporates the use of carefully selected handpicked exotic and domestic hardwoods, high quality bass hardware, the most sophisticated user-friendly active electronic circuitry and pickups designed by the top manufacturers of today to create unique voicing available only to Basses of this caliber. Top players and producers have contributed in the 30-year Journey to the understanding of essentials of bass tone necessary to thrive in today’s session, live

playing, and recording markets.