Venice – A city of many colors


Here I am taking a water taxi in Venice June 2016.

How can you not fall in love with this magical city that’s on almost every photographers bucket list. There is so much to see and always ready to shot all the historical buildings, people, food and so much to explored, not wanting to miss a thing. I would have loved it if I could have stayed longer.

Venice Sunset2


 The sunsets in Venice are a must to see . 

Strolling along the narrow walking path in Venice I captured this shot of this women listening or just relaxing as people walk by not even noticing the soft sound of music. 

I just love the colorful cloths hang along between the Italian streets.  This reminds me of when I was going up and my mother hanging the cloth out on the line.  I took this picture after a fabulous Italian dinner .

It alway feels good when you get up early and capture shots like this.   

I hated to say goodby – but I know I’ll be back one day again.