How I got my start in Music Art photography

What made me get into music photography and photo art?

I was doing landscape, travel and family photography for my personal use and friends.

I got into music photography and Photography art, by going to the Skylark lounge by myself on Sunday to hear Soulman Sam sing R&B and taking pictures. I would send my cool photos to the musicians so they could post them on their multi media to help promote their career.I did a few pictures on Canvas to give to them or donating to a memorial fund or just giving them as a surprise present.

I figured that the musicians give their heart and soul into what they love to do and I figured I would give my heart and soul giving back to what I love to do. Through all of this I have made many new friends and I’m able to freeze the moment in time to give back.

We are all on this earth for a short period of time and what we do in between that time is what matters.

Musicians all over the world are not paid enough for their talented and hard work they do. I believe the State of Texas also other states and cities should do more to help their musicians for the revenue hotels, restaurants, bars and retail sales from the music Industry that it brings in.

Thank you Ryan Howard, I love you for allowing me to share your life with me to capture this beautiful music through my lens.

Thank you James Robinson for me to capture some of my greatest music photos and being my #1 supporter of my pictures.

I captured some great Bobby Sparks pictures at the One To One Bar in Austin.